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Postcards from the Edge

Brandon Joyner


I like postcards a lot.

The first postcard I remember getting was in Nashville; it was beautiful. This was a calendar, but I thought it was a postcard. It had fireworks on it. It had the Tennessee Waltz Ride, Flowers, Buildings, etc. But the very first ACTUAL postcard I picked out was in Dollywood and it was of Dolly Parton.

If I could say anything to Dolly right now, I would say,” Thank you for letting me go to Dollywood. I enjoyed it and had a good time.”

Sometimes I get postcards from places I travel: Dollywood, Junaluska. I look for different things in postcards.

I get neat postcards. If I like it, I get it.

I like good pictures like Disney that are beautiful, hard, wooden and other specialty postcards like the ones I got from Pam and Derrick from other countries.

I get ‘em from other people.

Sometimes I get my postcards from Florida—Universal and Disney. I get some from other countries from my friend Sandy—she gives me bunches from all over: Canada, I’m assuming like Mexico, Italy, India. Sandy Katz showed me a different way to collect postcards. It has a lot to do with our friendship. I like these postcards a lot.

I collect postcards ‘cause it’s very interesting. Sandy gave me some postcards and I liked them and thought it might be a good idea to start collecting them.

Brandon and Kristen brought me tons of postcards back from all the states they traveled along Route 66.

Some of the old ones I have from Mom are in covers so they stay protected and so they don’t get dirty. It’s hard sometimes to make sure you don’t have a repeat. What if I already have what I looking at now at home? I’ll say I have this already…

My favorite postcard----whooooo, whooo, whooooo—I have a LOT! Well, my favorite one would be… some of the sunsets from Florida, some of the nighttime scenes in Florida—I love the landscapes. I’m not really sure why. I just like them because they’re beautiful, I guess.

If I could choose a postcard from anywhere in the world, I would choose one from Mexico.

But, of the places in the world I haven’t been, I would want one from Japan. It’s just a different culture… Japan in EPCOT is beautiful.

If I could say anything to someone in Japan…  I would say, “Hello!” and “How is Japan?” because I would want to know about their culture. I would like to know if it’s very different than ours. How different is their country than the US? I would also want to know their favorite place to go.

And I would want to tell them to let me know if they’re ever in Charleston and I’d take them out to eat. Maybe to one of my favorite Southern staples—Harvest Moon or Easterby’s if it’s a Tuesday or Mexican any other day—Rio Chicco’s or Sr. Tequila or Los Reyes.

Why Postcards?  Because they’re beautiful and the technique. Because I can’t take pictures, it’s my way of remembering a specific place the way I see it. Some have paintings and are embossed so I can feel them.

I collect them because it’s a lot of fun and they are easy to find wherever you go.

~ John Joyner

The Name's Joyner. John Joyner

Brandon Joyner


I watch a lot of movies.

The very first movie I ever remember watching in the movie theater was Star Wars. I like the coloring and the original actors better than in the more recent ones. Episode 4 through Return of the Jedi are easier to follow.

But it’s a little different now-- I don’t like the new ones as much; they’re too confusing.

Now what I look for in a movie is a good movie. Good actors & acting, good dialog, good music.

I like Comedy.


Romantic movies-- yeah, I like that.

Action and Animated. Some yes, some no.

Scary-- Not that much.

I used to like Scary movies, but now they’re too scary. I used to watch earlier scary movies like the old Dracula movies (Hammer Horror) and classic Monsters in the newer settings-- the 2nd wave in the 70’s.

I like Final Destination, Gremlins, Monster Squad for Horror. Kinda more of a scary comedy...

Mom remembers taking me to The Three Musketeers in 1973 and when the part where a guy’s throat was slit, I laughed out loud because I just knew it wasn’t real. But now, things seem too real.

I love Spy movies. I enjoy the Bourne Movies because of the action and spies. I’ve watched the I Spy TV Show.

Some that make the most impact on me? BOND! I like the earlier Bond movies the best.

My favorite is Sean Connery. It’s hard to find the words to say, but I like his acting and his playing of Bond. The Spy Who Loved Me with Roger Moore is my favorite of the Bond films. Moore has different skills than Sean Connery.

The gadgets and things in Bond are cool. I like the briefcase From Russia With Love with the rifle, throwing knife that popped out and the gas that came out the side.

The cars are fast! My favorite Bond car is the white one: Lotus Espirit S1 from The Spy Who Loved Me that goes under the water.

I love the MUSIC too! The Bond Themes are great. Actually, I think I like The Spy Who Loved Me the best because of the song-- Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does It Better.” 

I grew up reading comic books and liked watching detectives like Perry Mason and Batman on TV as well. My favorite superhero is Batman. It’s just a lot of fun. I like the Michael Keaton Batman and Batman Returns. The new ones are a little different than the ‘89 Batman (which I prefer). I like the ones that tell you the story the whole way through, like the origin stories.

About the various formats? There’s a difference in sound and look when you think about Beta, VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray. I liked VHS better than Beta. They kept getting better. But, now, I ONLY watch movies on Blu-Ray (if I can help it) because it’s better.

Mom says the very first VHS I bought was downtown at Woolworth’s and it was KRULL. But the first one I actually remember was Mannequin. I replace my VHS tapes with DVDs and then have gradually transitioned everything over to Blu-Ray when they are available. The first DVD I remember getting is an Action movie… something Game… with Ben Affleck... Reindeer Games!

My favorite place to watch movies is at home on Blu-Ray, but sometimes I go to the movies and it’s fun I can add them to my shopping list.

You used to rent movies and return them and get more.  Every Thursday I get to go to the library to find new movies. I miss having a store to go in to rent movies from, but now I go to the library and check movies out.

  ~ John Joyner

Quick Facts About John and Movies:

  • I love watching my TV series: Batman, DC Comics TV (Flash, Arrow, Super Girl, Legends).

  • I have some box sets as well: Bond, Batman, Star Wars, Harry Potter.

  • If I could be in any movie of all time I would want to be in Singing in the Rain.

John’s Top 5 Movies of ALL TIME:

  • Singing in the Rain

  • Casablanca – Thought I don’t own it...

  • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

  • Death Becomes Her

  • *batteries not included

A Little Bit Country. A Little Bit Rock and Roll.

Brandon Joyner


I like to listen to music; Country Music.

I was really young — in about ’76 -- I was 6 years old; my mom’s dad, Frankie, got me into the country music scene. He started listening to it and that’s when I got into the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s style.

The first song I remember listening to in the country music genre— I can’t remember, it’s hard to think—it was a Donna Fargo song— oh, yeah... “Happiest Girl in the USA.” I know it’s crazy that’s all I can remember... it was just me and Frankie in Walterboro, South Carolina.

After that, I kept listening to all the country music.

I became more and more interested in listening. Lynn Anderson’s “Rose Garden.” The 60’s style music. Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton. And then... in the 80’s-- I was still listening to Dolly Parton and the Highway Men, Johnny Cash.

In the 90’s I listened to Travis Tritt, Vince Gill, Garth Brooks and Dwight Yokum.

2000’s gets a little bit different and gets into the rock style. I like this one and I don’t like that one. It’s like you listen to the song on a Hot Country or Classic Country (CMT, Country Music Television for those of you who are unacquainted).

I started listening to rock when I was about 7.

Before listening to Country, I was listening to “Pop Music” of the day (70’s, like Janis Joplin) a little Rock & Roll (like Elvis). In the 60’s style, The Beatles and the 70’s you have the Eagles. I wasn’t much of a Rolling Stones fan.

The biggest band I listened to before country music was probably KISS—I had posters on my wall and was part of the KISS Army! The costumes and make-up were fine—I love that—and the loudness didn’t matter as long as it was good.

I wasn’t much on the Rock of the 80’s and 90’s. But I continued my love for Country all along. I’d listen to The Mavericks and Bluegrass.

Then, after the rock thing, I went back to country music.

Some of the best early country music concerts I went to were: The Gatlin Brothers in ‘82, The Oak Ridge Boys in ‘83, Mel Tillis in ‘85, Ronnie Millstadt in ‘87, and Will and June in ‘88.

And, some of my favorite concerts of all time were: Mel Tillis, Ronnie Millstadt and Loretta Lynn. I enjoyed Kenny Rogers and Dolly and Willie Nelson too.

Today, my favorite artists are Dan+Shay. I really love “Tequila.” The song. Not the drink.

My favorite album? Willie Nelson’s ‘78 edition of Stardust. My favorite song of all time is Hank Williams, Sr.’s “Your Cheatin’ Heart.” But to sing at karaoke? It's “King of the Road.”

Something about the music. I just like it and feels like it keeps bringing me home.

~ John Joyner

The Family Jewels

Brandon Joyner


I like jewelry.

I save up my money to pick out jewelry every year — each year I find a special ring. It takes a long time to save up for.

I love going to Florida. When we go to events like Mardi Gras at Universal Studios, I enjoy getting beads and different necklaces. I sometimes wear necklaces. When we were in Florida and went into a Jewelry store in Disney World, all they had were silver rings. 

I travel and look for different things that I like.

I found a shop, Golden ‘N Memories, that used to be in Dollywood, which is where we met Melinda and Larry the first time. They enjoy Southern Gospel like I do and we had fun talking to one another.  Larry would pull the trays out for me to look at, touch, hold and try on. I look for rings that fit nicely but if not, they’ll size it for me.

Larry creates each ring as a piece of art. Kinda like mom — One works with intricate rings while mom paints on larger canvases. He does good work just like mom does.

The first ring I ever picked out here was a silver color with a Black Onyx. Then I found a clear ring when I returned the second year.

My favorite color is purple. I have many different color rings. I have a ring that’s like the sky and different color blues. Blue like the sky is one I definitely look for.

All of the rings are gemstones; I think I have a Purple Agate. My favorite ring is — I have so many I can’t even remember — I'll say it’s the black and gray-ish in the shape of a road. I just like it.

It’s been about 2 years since Larry passed away, but I still go to the store to pick out special rings that he had made before he died.

The first time I went in after that I hugged Melinda… and found some special rings.

I look forward to finding my next special edition to the ring family. I always find something special. Sometimes a ring. Sometimes something even better.

~ John Joyner

** You can visit Melinda’s Gold ‘N Memories at