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The Name's Joyner. John Joyner

Blogs and Such

The Name's Joyner. John Joyner

Brandon Joyner


I watch a lot of movies.

The very first movie I ever remember watching in the movie theater was Star Wars. I like the coloring and the original actors better than in the more recent ones. Episode 4 through Return of the Jedi are easier to follow.

But it’s a little different now-- I don’t like the new ones as much; they’re too confusing.

Now what I look for in a movie is a good movie. Good actors & acting, good dialog, good music.

I like Comedy.


Romantic movies-- yeah, I like that.

Action and Animated. Some yes, some no.

Scary-- Not that much.

I used to like Scary movies, but now they’re too scary. I used to watch earlier scary movies like the old Dracula movies (Hammer Horror) and classic Monsters in the newer settings-- the 2nd wave in the 70’s.

I like Final Destination, Gremlins, Monster Squad for Horror. Kinda more of a scary comedy...

Mom remembers taking me to The Three Musketeers in 1973 and when the part where a guy’s throat was slit, I laughed out loud because I just knew it wasn’t real. But now, things seem too real.

I love Spy movies. I enjoy the Bourne Movies because of the action and spies. I’ve watched the I Spy TV Show.

Some that make the most impact on me? BOND! I like the earlier Bond movies the best.

My favorite is Sean Connery. It’s hard to find the words to say, but I like his acting and his playing of Bond. The Spy Who Loved Me with Roger Moore is my favorite of the Bond films. Moore has different skills than Sean Connery.

The gadgets and things in Bond are cool. I like the briefcase From Russia With Love with the rifle, throwing knife that popped out and the gas that came out the side.

The cars are fast! My favorite Bond car is the white one: Lotus Espirit S1 from The Spy Who Loved Me that goes under the water.

I love the MUSIC too! The Bond Themes are great. Actually, I think I like The Spy Who Loved Me the best because of the song-- Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does It Better.” 

I grew up reading comic books and liked watching detectives like Perry Mason and Batman on TV as well. My favorite superhero is Batman. It’s just a lot of fun. I like the Michael Keaton Batman and Batman Returns. The new ones are a little different than the ‘89 Batman (which I prefer). I like the ones that tell you the story the whole way through, like the origin stories.

About the various formats? There’s a difference in sound and look when you think about Beta, VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray. I liked VHS better than Beta. They kept getting better. But, now, I ONLY watch movies on Blu-Ray (if I can help it) because it’s better.

Mom says the very first VHS I bought was downtown at Woolworth’s and it was KRULL. But the first one I actually remember was Mannequin. I replace my VHS tapes with DVDs and then have gradually transitioned everything over to Blu-Ray when they are available. The first DVD I remember getting is an Action movie… something Game… with Ben Affleck... Reindeer Games!

My favorite place to watch movies is at home on Blu-Ray, but sometimes I go to the movies and it’s fun I can add them to my shopping list.

You used to rent movies and return them and get more.  Every Thursday I get to go to the library to find new movies. I miss having a store to go in to rent movies from, but now I go to the library and check movies out.

  ~ John Joyner

Quick Facts About John and Movies:

  • I love watching my TV series: Batman, DC Comics TV (Flash, Arrow, Super Girl, Legends).

  • I have some box sets as well: Bond, Batman, Star Wars, Harry Potter.

  • If I could be in any movie of all time I would want to be in Singing in the Rain.

John’s Top 5 Movies of ALL TIME:

  • Singing in the Rain

  • Casablanca – Thought I don’t own it...

  • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

  • Death Becomes Her

  • *batteries not included