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It's a Little Whack

Blogs and Such

It's a Little Whack

Brandon Joyner


Not having much time to get away for a vacation, our family would grab a “day vacation” or weekend whenever possible. Because my husband worked most Saturdays, two days in a row were hard to come by.

My youngest son, Brandon, was anxious to go out of town for the weekend so he put together a “getaway” to Myrtle Beach and invited me, my girlfriend, and three of his friends. One of my best girlfriends… well… how can I describe her? She was always so much fun because she’s crazy as a loon. My son tried to include her in our trips as much as possible-- she was one of the gang! 

We headed out to enjoy our glorious time in Myrtle Beach. We toured, shopped, ate, talked (or not) and laughed. It was a long day and we didn't want it to end but we decided we would call it a night. We needed to get a little rest to be ready to start all over again the next morning. So, off to bed we went.  

Now one of the people my son included on the trip was a young man named Austin. He had just gone through a break up with his girlfriend and a weekend getaway would help him forget his troubles.  

Or so we thought!  

Anyway, it was decided that Austin needed a make-over-- to be given a new look-- to make him feel better about himself. It hadn't been easy for Austin going through this breakup and Brandon was going to help him. Austin was a nice guy and Brandon knew that. Under those big glasses, shaggy, mousey hair and nerdy clothes there was a self-confident soul. After the four had discussed this, they hopped in the car (around 2 AM) and headed to Walmart.  

They purchased clothes, hair dye, scissors-- whatever they could put their hands on to improve the appearance of their friend. About 3 AM, the gang return to the hotel and began transforming Austin. Picture this: Austin, sitting in a chair in front of this huge mirror—glasses removed—with Brandon holding a pair of scissors. Then Brandon went for it! 







All of a sudden, Brandon was shaking me awake. “Mom, mom, wake up! I need your help!” he stressed frantically.  

“What is it, son?” I said. 

“One of the girls was cutting Austin’s hair and I think she cut it wrong! Look at it and tell me what to do!” he said.  

So, crawling out of the bed, I headed to were Austin was, still sitting in front of the huge mirror—glasses in hand—staring at himself in the mirror.  

Did I tell you he was blind as a bat? All he could see in the mirror was a big blur! 

He couldn't figure out why we were all laughing. We were all standing behind him, staring at each other, rolling our eyes and wondering what we were going to do. Because, as we observed... there was a big chunk of hair missing from the back of his head... A big whack!  

“Oh, my goodness!” I said as I tried to catch my breath from laughing. 

“It's a little whack, it'll grow back.” 

Austin grabbed the back of his head in disbelief. But what could he do now? What was done was done.  

I took the scissors from them and tried to trim it up as best I could. It looked pretty good. Even if I did say so myself.  

They continued that weekend dying his hair, changing him over to contacts from glasses and picking out cool clothes for him. He was ready to be introduced to the public and they were all thrilled with the finished product. Even Austin.  

We all had such a wonderful weekend, even with the “little whack,” it was full of adventure and laughter. What a pleasure it was to have been included in all their mischief! After all, age has nothing to do with having fun.  

Want to come along on one of our weekend adventures?  

Hope you don't need a haircut.  

~ Jeannie Joyner