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Ginger-Shortbread Cookies

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Ginger-Shortbread Cookies

Brandon Joyner

Prep: 10 minutes/ Cook: 25 minutes/ Cooling: 15 minutes/ Total Time 50 minutes

Servings 30-40 cookies



2 Sticks-- 1 c-- Butter (Salted)*

1 Stick--½ c-- Butter (Unsalted)-- to make Browned Butter**

¾ c Brown Sugar

½ c Molasses

3 ½ c All-Purpose Flour

1 tsp Baking Soda

1 Egg

1 ½ tsp Cinnamon, ground

2 tsp Ginger, ground

½ tsp Nutmeg, ground

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

½ c Powdered Sugar


  1. Brown 1 stick of unsalted butter in a pan over medium heat (approx. 2 min.).

    1. Butter will melt, foam and then brown. 

    2. See ** note below.

2. Mix all ingredients until thoroughly combined. 

  1. Begin by creaming 2 sticks of salted butter at medium speed for 30 sec.

  2. If browned butter is in solid form (made prior to now), add in/cream here. (But, if the butter has just been browned at the top of the recipe & still in liquid form, add in at step d after the egg and molasses.)

  3. Blend together butter and sugar.

    1. First, powdered. Continually mixing down the sides of the bowl until thoroughly combined.

    2. Then, brown. Again, mixing until thoroughly combined.

  4. Add in a cracked egg and molasses.

  5. At low speed, gradually pour in the flour.

  6. Sprinkle in the baking soda, ginger, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and ginger (Hey, did we mention putting the ginger in?!?).

  7. Drizzle in the vanilla extract.

  8. This will all come together as a well-blended crumbly mixture.

3. Cover and stick in the freezer for 10 minutes until easy to handle.


4. At this point, you can choose your shape:

  1. Circles: 

    1. If you want perfect circles, form the dough into a log-roll and wrap with parchment paper prior to chilling.

    2. Then, place in freezer for 15 minutes.

    3. Remove from freezer & take off paper.

    4. Cut into uniform circles approx. ⅛-¼” thick.

  2. Cookie-Cutters:

    1. Place powdered sugar on a flat surface.

    2. Roll out the dough to approx. ⅛- ¼” thick.

    3. Use desired shape to make cookies.

  3. Baker’s Choice: Shape these babies to your heart’s desire! ***

    1. Sprinkle powdered sugar over a flat surface.

    2. Roll out the dough to approx. ⅛-¼” thick.

    3. Form your shape with a pizza slicer into triangles, hand-patty into anything you like, cut out with a juice glass… the choice is yours!


5. Preheat oven to 335 F degrees.

6. Place cookies on 2 baking sheets or 1 extra-large one lined with parchment paper or silicone mats.

7. Bake 13-15 minutes at 335 F until just lightly browned & desired firmness is achieved.

8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 until all dough is used. (At least 2 cook sessions of 13-15 minutes.)


9. Cool on a plate or wire rack.

10. Optional: Sprinkle with additional powdered sugar.


** Browned Butter-- Place 1 stick of butter (cubed) into a small saucepan over Medium Heat. As soon as bubbles begin to form, start whisking. Continually stir for 2 minutes until you begin to see brown pieces at the bottom of the pan forming. Immediately remove from heat and continue to whisk for 30 seconds. This can be done ahead of time and stored in the fridge for up to 3 months or allow to cool before using.