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Bosom Buddies

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Bosom Buddies

Brandon Joyner

Water Sports.jpg

Warm weather makes me happy. The warmer the better.

After being cooped up all winter, all I want to do is go outside and enjoy the longer days, fresh air and warm sunshine. Just let me go grab a bathing suit, towel, suntan lotion and a picnic lunch and I'm ready for the day.

On this particular day I was ready for the lake... Lake Moultrie! Ahhh… I can feel the hot sand between my toes as I remember this fun-filled, sun-filled day. My cousin always had one of his three boats available for us to use and this day it was the jet boat -- fast and furious – with its powerful twin engines and deep, rich, sparkly burgundy color. We thought we were “cool” when we were in this magnificent machine... And we were!

It was to be a day of water skiing. The girls were not great skiers but the guys were phenomenal as it was nothing for them to ski right over to the shoreline and step out of their skis. Show offs! It was time for my cousin and my best girlfriend to ski, so they jumped in the water.




They were off and doing a great job. Well, a much larger boat passed by creating a huge wake and the wake from that larger boat headed right toward the skiers. It was like everything was in slow motion.

My friend’s ski sliced right through the wave coming out the other side. Then her body slapped into the wake like it was a solid wall…



She was down.

My cousin, seeing this, started swimming toward her to assist and when he got within reach, all of a sudden, he turned and swam toward his boat. My friend was rather annoyed that she was being ignored. She was laying on her back in the water, flapping her arms like she was a bird trying to take flight and her chest was exposed to the elements... BARE!

The wake had knocked off her bikini top. I signaled to her to check out her chest. “Oh, my goodness,” she squealed, “no wonder he left me out here.”

Glancing over to her right was the bikini top... Floating in the water!

So, if you're going out for a day of water sports, may we suggest a one piece?

It might not have actually been the longest day of the year but I’m sure it seemed like it for her.

~Jeannie Joyner